Posse Training

Posse members are required to complete many different training activites throughout the year. From firearms training, to search and rescue training, the Posse is always prepared, trained, and ready to assist.

Posse Mounted Unit Training

Aside from Posse member training, members with horses also participate in separate training with their horses. It is extremely important that the horse and rider have trust in one another and are prepared to handle any situation.

Posse Mounted Unit Workouts

Those Posse members who have horses participate in workouts once a week with their horses at different locations. A favorite place to train is at the Shiawassee County Fairgrounds, but they also hold workouts at other locations as well. These workouts give the members an opportunity to practice many different drills and formations and get the horses used to different surroundings. It also allows the members to see how well the horses will work together and allow them to get to know each other.

Drills and Formations

Shiawassee County Sheriff's Mounted Posse Workout

Shiawassee County Sheriff's Mounted Posse Workout

Kalamazoo Mounted Training Class

The Posse mounted unit is required by a mandate from the Posse Board of Directors to attend the Kalamazoo Mounted Training Class offered each year in April. Kalamazoo County's Mounted Unit is recognized as the largest and best trained units in Michigan. The class they provide in April draws posse members from all over the state.
The class consists of many aspects of mounted police horse training. Some of these are formation drills which are used to control crowds, move crowds, escort vehicles into or out of crowded areas, officer rescues and VIP escorts. Also included are vehicle stops and police tactics such as hand cuffing and arrest from horseback. Horsemanship is also addressed with time spent on horse intimidation and different obstacles that one may encounter while patrolling on horseback.
These classes are always well organized and well run with excellent instructors who are knowledgeable and well prepared. The Shiawassee County Mounted Unit always has a good time and comes away with not only a certificate but a better trained horse and rider in the field of mounted police tactics.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Kalamazoo County's Sheriff Department and Mounted Unit for the excellent training we receive.

Firearms Training

All Posse members are required to be armed and to supply their own service weapon. Most of the members carry 40 caliber semi-automatics. All members are required to qualify with their weapon twice per year and once a year with a shot gun.
Basic qualification standards are set by the Sheriff and each member must meet these standards to be able to carry their weapon and participate in Posse functions. Ammunition is purchased by the Posse with monies raised from fundraisers and security events. The Posse then supplies the members with this ammunition for qualifications as well as supplies all their duty ammunition. These qualifications take place at the Shiawassee County Training Center and Range.
As well as qualifications, the Posse range officers also hold night shoots and fun shoots throughout the year.

Shiawassee County Sheriff's Mounted Posse Firearms Training