Posse Facilities

The Posse uses a variety of facilities throughout the county. From the Sheriff's Office to the arenas available at the county fairgrounds. These facilities offer the Posse the ability to meet, collaborate, and train.

Sheriff's Office

Shiawassee County Sheriff's Office

The current building was built in 1963 under Sheriff Cliff Porter and held 47 prisoners in the jail. In 1983 under Sheriff James LaJoye, it was expanded to hold 69 prisoners. Then, again in 1988, Sheriff James LaJoye expanded it to hold 132 prisoners. In 2002 it was expanded to its current capacity of 165 prisoners, with a yearly average of 115 inmates.
In the past, the jail has rented space to the U.S. Marshalls Service as well as some of the counties in the Detroit Metropolitan area. However, today the jail only houses its own prisoners.
As well as the corrections division, the building houses the Detective Bureau which investigates crimes committed in Shiawassee County. It houses the uniform service which is the deputies and their command structure who respond to emergency and non-emergency calls. Also in the Sheriffs Office Building is the 911 Emergency Central Dispatch. This 911 center coordinates and dispatches all local, county, and state agencies in Shiawassee County.

Training Center and Range

Shiawassee County Sheriff's Office Training Center

The Shiawassee County Sheriffs Office/Posse Gun Range is located at Grand River and Morrice roads. It has a 50 yd. outdoor range with 7 shooting lanes as well as an automated indoor range with 13 shooting lanes and a maximum distance of 50 ft.
The building that houses the indoor range was paid for with donations from businesses and people from the community. It is 48x88 ft. and was erected by the Navy C.B.S. from Saginaw County as a summer learning project in 1985. The roofing and interior were finished by posse members, deputies and local police officers.
The indoor range equipment was an old state police range that was donated to Shiawassee County by the State of Michigan and is computer controlled by one of 6 posse range officers during qualification.
This range is available to local law enforcement and colleges for their training needs as well as fun shoots and night shoots put on by the posse. The Michigan Sheriff's Mounted Association also holds many of their spring competitions shoots at this range.

Posse Barn at The Shiawassee County Fairgrounds

Posse Barn at The Shiawassee County Fairgrounds

The Posse barn, located at the Shiawassee County fairgrounds, was funded with donations from local businesses, the community, and Posse members. The labor was provided by Posse members and their friends. The barn was built in 2006 just in time for the fair in August of that year. The barn has room for 10 box stalls, a wash rack for the horses, and a tack room for all the saddles and tack.